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therapyBOSS is patient management, clinical documentation, billing and more! It helps solo providers and entire teams to be more efficient and compliant.

For your mobile therapy business

Streamlined and simple, tailored for each setting yet seamless across settings.

Therapy Staffing
Outpatient Therapy
Early Intervention
Adult Therapy
Pediatric Therapy
Social Work
Therapy Staffing
  • Medicare compliance safeguards
  • Notes for every event + OASIS
  • Easy (two clicks) invoicing
  • Scheduling, alerts, notifications
  • Web portal for client agencies
  • Charting with client’s EMR
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Outpatient Therapy
  • Total Part B compliance
  • Ready-to-go notes
  • Integrated, seamless billing
  • CMS-1500 and UB-04
  • Quick scheduling
  • Physician order tracking
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Early Intervention
  • EI client management
  • Service authorizations
  • Efficient referral intake
  • Speedy, IFSP-driven charting
  • EI primary or secondary billing
  • Access to notes for families
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Adult Therapy
  • Straightforward workflow
  • Fast, compliant charting
  • Built-in functional assessments
  • Tracking of visit expenses
  • Insurance and patient billing
  • Recording payments
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Pediatric Therapy
  • Including AR, DT, SW and PSYC
  • Pediatric therapy assessments
  • Care plan-driven charting
  • Outcome templates
  • Simple flow from start to finish
  • Billing insurance and self-pay
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Social Work
  • Great for mobile social workers
  • Social work-focused notes
  • Easy to see progress
  • Admission consent template
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Billing insurance or referral sources
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No matter your business size

Amazingly flexible by design to fit your big or small business perfectly.

Manage every aspect of your operations with powerful features that will save your team time and decrease your overhead.
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Solo providers
Don’t settle for bloated and expensive software. Get the right tools to get the job done without complicating your life.
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Run your clinic or a hybrid practice servicing across settings using a single platform that integrates all the essential capabilities.
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Everything you need

Fully capable so that you could do it all with therapyBOSS.

Mobile app for clinicians

Modern and secure experience crafted for your phones and tablets. Refined and perfected over years of feedback from therapists.

No Wi-Fi, No problem

The only app for therapists that’s 100% functional without internet. Slow, spotty connections won’t slow you down.


Ready out of the box with compliant templates for your charting needs, honed-to-perfection layout and tons of built-in smarts.


Robust calendar to quickly schedule appointments, designate time off, see your own activity and that of other therapists on the care team at a glance.


Billing doesn’t have to be complex and time consuming. Powerful on the inside yet easy to use even for beginners.


Inherently compliant across every aspect. The ever-tightening rules and regs is our headache, not yours.


Technology, processes and implementation in accordance with HIPAA and HITECH standards. Two-factor authentication, auto logoff, encryption and much more to ensure security.

Priced uniquely for unbeatable value

Pay a small fee for direct patient visits. There are no signup or setup costs and you pay $0 if you don’t have patient activity. We believe that our success should depend entirely on yours!

Get going in minutes, not days

Intuitive signup and setup wizards will walk you through it step by step. They’ll even help you convert your existing therapyBOSS clinician account. You’ll be ready to see patients and document in no time!

Get Started

We’ll help you

Whether getting started or needing assistance at any point, our support team is here for you. We’ll help you get back to business.

Speak to local experts

They say when you want it done right, do it yourself. We don’t outsource support. Our own team of experts will take care of you.

Ask us anything

We’re not just therapyBOSS experts. Our team is knowledgeable about regulations, compliance and industry in general.

Reach us day and night

Your work never really quits and neither should support. The same team will be happy to answer your emailed questions after hours.

You’ll love our support

94% client satisfaction rating. 81% of calls picked up on the 3rd ring or sooner. 83% of emails answered in under 15 minutes.

Using another software?

Switching EMR can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Setting up in therapyBOSS is quick. Entering patients is easy and it may be possible to import your data. You’ll be happy you made the transition!

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Trusted by our clients since 2012

therapyBOSS [team] was really great in holding therapists’ hands and helping them… everybody is on board now… and being successful. Therapists absolutely love therapyBOSS, it saves them so much time.
Judith Nehorai
Vice President
It helps make patient care better and it helps with time management. More quality time with the patient to make therapy longer.
Amy Gaffney
Speech Pathologist
therapyBOSS has allowed me to understand clinically how my patients are progressing and what outcomes they are continuing to work on and achieve.
Deborah Steidl
Director of Nursing
You guys are the best. Using your software have cut hours of work and my life is so much better and less stressful. Customer service is quick and awesome!!
CAP Therapy
Love it. I’ve been using therapyBOSS for a year and will not go back to paper. Very easy to use and it’s the main thing. I highly recommend it.
Mohamed Ibrahim
Owner & Physical Therapist
After one year using therapyBOSS, it has exceeded our hopes and expectations by miles. It allows a single person to staff more than 30 therapists and perform all office functions with time left for business development and recruiting.
Alan Carpe
Very user friendly software for therapists in home health. Creates excellent documentation and increases efficiency for therapists and home health agencies.
John Falcus
Owner & Physical Therapist
Having worked with other software, therapyBOSS is by far the most friendly. I didn’t have formal training but picked it up right then and there. Highly recommend this software.
John Madayg
Therapy Services Coordinator

You will love the therapyBOSS experience!

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Custom software solutions

Need a web or a mobile app? Integration? Data analysis? Cloud migration? Our team of analysts, compliance specialists and IT experts has implemented solutions like these for clients in healthcare. Talk to us about your needs!