Awesome Gmail Trick for therapyBOSS

October 29, 2015

Just in time for Halloween we have a trick (or treat) for our Gmail users that might like some added convenience to their email accounts. Gmail of course is the free email service from Google that provides a litany of features and services. We’re big fans of Gmail and as we know, so are many of our users. For more information on Gmail please feel free to visit their website.

The upcoming therapyBOSS update will allow our users to enter the + character in their email address. What does this mean for those of you who utilize Gmail? Quite a bit! The + character in Gmail lets you append any additional text to your email address while still having your email sent to the same address.

We’ll use an example to illustrate what this can achieve for you. Assuming our real email address is, we’ll derive additional addresses as follows:


All of these will get the email delivered to the same mailbox! Why is this? Gmail ignores any combination of words or numbers after the + character. And what that does is it enables you to have seemingly different email addresses while still receiving all messages in one place. This can offer you several perks with regards to therapyBOSS. One is that if you have to have different accounts, admin and clinician account for instance, you can register with the same email which otherwise therapyBOSS would not permit.

Further, you can use the text that follows the + character to automatically drop into a desired “folder” in your Gmail account. Gmail uses the concept of labels as opposed to folders but they achieve the same in essence. So if you have a label which matches the extra text in the email address, the email sent to that email address will automatically drop into the matching folder. And you can set up filters in Gmail that will direct the email to the appropriate folder based on an email’s subject line or words in its body. You can use this technique, for instance, to organize different therapyBOSS notifications.

Feel free to give this Gmail trick a try and if you have questions and need our assistance, contact us We are here to help!