How Pro Rehab Did It

therapyBOSS Helps Pro Rehab Control Compliance

About Pro Rehab

Founded in 1987, Pro Rehab Services, PC started as many contract therapy staffing companies do: one man with hopes and dreams taking a risk. Through hard work, dedication, and a lot more hard work, Pro Rehab has slowly matured into a mid-sized therapy provider offering physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), speech language pathology (SLP), and medical social workers (MSW) in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois all the way to the Indiana border.

Most of the clinicians Pro Rehab hires are licensed PT/OT/SLPs, as opposed to PTA/OTA. With an accompanying skilled nursing division and outpatient division, Pro Rehab has expanded its offerings while maintaining a high employment retention rate and enjoying consistent growth to be proud of.

Interestingly, a few members of the leadership team at Pro Rehab have IT background and were familiar with many electronic medical records (EMR) systems on the market. For Pro Rehab, the challenge was finding the best solution to fit their very stringent criteria.


Pro Rehab’s Challenges Before therapyBOSS

  • Chronic lack of time to “run business” – felt like “reacting constantly instead of being proactive”
  • Paper processes were not quick enough, no matter how much they tweaked them
  • Tried a variety of other software solutions, but they were not satisfied with apparent lack of ease-of-use
  • The fact that other software required an ever-present internet connection was a major drawback
  • Costs associated with other programs did not justify their overall limited capabilities
  • Contract home health therapy part of business (still on paper at the time) began lagging behind other divisions equipped with EMR systems, which made it clear a solution was needed for home health therapy staffing business
  • Numerous problems with documentation – legibility, completeness, and timeliness

Pro Rehab’s “A-HA” Moment

Having demoed and tried other software and understandably being skeptical based on that experience, Pro Rehab, after seeing the demo of therapyBOSS and checking with our existing clients, decided to pilot therapyBOSS with a small group of their clinicians. As with all newcomers, Pro Rehab had a 60 day risk-free trial to give therapyBOSS a run for its “no-money”. “At the end of our trial, everyone was convinced 100% that we wanted to implement therapyBOSS across the board. Some less computer-savvy therapists took a little bit to get adjusted to it, but once they had, they told us that we had found the right solution for them. We listened, and it’s easily been one of the better decisions we made.” After trying several other vendors and seeing lots of product demos, Pro Rehab was firmly in the therapyBOSS camp. The software won over their office staff and their therapists with its features and the “incredible support we received during our free trial and have been receiving ever since”.


At the end of trial everyone was convinced 100% that we wanted to implement therapyBOSS

How therapyBOSS Helped Pro Rehab

  1. As Pro Rehab firmed up their decision to implement therapyBOSS across their home health staffing practice, we’ve set up training sessions, including one for the office staff and several for their therapists.
  2. We’ve trained more therapists, sometimes on an individual basis, as additional clinicians started using therapyBOSS and are periodically training new therapists as they join Pro Rehab’s team.
  3. We assisted Pro Rehab with connecting their referring home health agencies to the therapyBOSS agency portal, helping Pro Rehab eliminate the need to print paperwork and their clients become more efficient when working with Pro Rehab.

Pro Rehab’s Results

Streamlined operations by eliminating “mountains of paper”.

Saving a substantial amount of their time on “menial tasks” while spending more time expanding, developing new and existing client relationships.

Increased employee productivity across office staff and field clinicians.

Compliance is much easier to control.

Feeling that they are much better-equipped to manage their growth at the pace that suits them.

Even in growing, they have been able to maintain the premium level of service they are accustomed to providing to clients.


We’re doing all that while growing our business at our own pace and maintaining profitability.

Feedback From Pro Rehab’s Clients

Pro Rehab’s referring agencies were excited – some ecstatic – that they were moving to an electronic medical records solution. Some of them heard of or used therapyBOSS and its reputation with home health agencies in the area was definitely helpful. “Our agencies know we’re a quality-oriented business, not a quantity-oriented one. When we told them we had found a solution that would work for us, they knew we were serious and they were excited.” In addition to the buzz, Pro Rehab also benefitted from our free rollout and training for their referring agencies, which they said “was a big help – because I don’t have time to teach all of my agencies new software.”


Some of [our clients] heard of or used therapyBOSS and its reputation with home health agencies helped

In Their Words: Pro Rehab’s Future Outlook

With therapyBOSS at their side, Pro Rehab’s future outlook is bright. They’re able to continue emphasizing patient outcomes by staffing qualified clinicians, submitting complete and compliant documentation, and focusing on their clients’ needs first.

And the best part? “We’re doing all that while growing our business at our own pace and maintaining profitability in an industry where that’s increasingly difficult to do.” Pro Rehab is one of Illinois’ leading contract therapy providers, and with therapyBOSS, the potential for their 33-year veteran team is limitless.