Foolproof Homebound Status Documentation in therapyBOSS

October 23, 2015

Even though homebound status documentation in therapyBOSS already provides clinicians with means to reflect the patient’s homebound status in a compliant manner, we recognize that monitors are looking for any and every excuse to substantiate denials. In our continuous effort to help clinicians easily create 100% defensible documentation, we are revising the Homebound Status section found in the evaluation and progress note. You can see the upcoming changes as well as the present format of the homebound section for comparison here.

Our changes are based on the Medicare’s precise definition of being “confined to the home”. Please see page 2 of the SE1436 MLN publication from CMS. When completing the revised Homebound Status section, clinicians will need to make a selection from #1 as well as #2 AND / OR #3. This revised approach is still simple to document and leaves no room whatsoever for error.

We will map documentation already completed to match the new layout. In most cases, clinicians will not need to revisit their charting. It will automatically reflect the responses they would have specified previously.

Please feel free to contact our support at support@therapyboss.comwith your pertinent questions.