Earn cash with the therapyBOSS referral program

Make money for every provider you refer to therapyBOSS as long as they continue to utilize it.

Generous commission
You’ll get a one-time $25 per paying provider referred by you and 10% from the total of each of their paid invoices.

It couldn’t be simpler to earn extra cash

Share your referral code

therapyBOSS will help you communicate your referral code to your leads. They’ll get a unique link to sign up as providers in therapyBOSS.

Earn commission

We’ll apply the commission to your balance automatically 30 days after your referrals pay their invoice.

Request payment

You’ll be able to see your accumulated commissions and withdraw at any time directly from inside therapyBOSS.

What’s the catch?

There is none. Simply spread the word and we’ll do the rest. Your referrals will be grateful to you for having recommended therapyBOSS to them.

Not in therapyBOSS yet?

It’s easy to get started and free for 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to use the therapyBOSS referral program?
Participation in the referral program is optional and completely free of charge. We won’t deduct any fees from your earned commissions either.
How will therapyBOSS know that I referred someone?
When you share your referral code, the party you share it with will receive a unique link to sign up. They’ll also be able to enter the code manually if they don’t click the link. Your code is what connects you to a referred client.
Will therapyBOSS send my referrals any marketing solicitations?
Absolutely not! Your referrals will only get a short message with a link to sign up when you explicitly share your referral code with them.
Will I see whom I’ve referred?
You’ll see all referrals who sign up with your code as soon as they’ve done so. By the way, you’ll also see your earning from each referral.
What if a provider I refer signs up without my referral code?
We recommend that you share your referral code from inside therapyBOSS. Your referrals will receive a link to click on but will also clearly see the code to be able to enter it manually just in case. If the code ends up getting omitted by mistake, please contact our support for assistance. We’ll reach out to the other party and make the determination.
How long does it take for commissions to update my balance?
When clients pay their therapyBOSS invoices, we calculate the commission due. This commission is applied to your balance after 30 days from the payment’s date. The reason for the delay is to ensure the integrity of the payment.
How will I get paid?
You’ll be able to request a payout of your earned commission directly inside therapyBOSS. Funds will generally be dispersed via ACH to your bank account but may possibly be paid via other electronic payment systems such as PayPal or by mailing a paper check to you.
What are the exact terms of the therapyBOSS referral program?
You can see our terms applicable to the referral program here.
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