therapyBOSS 8 for Therapy Staffing

October 31, 2014

Pragma-IT, the Chicago-based software firm behind the leading home health contract therapy software therapyBOSS, released the program’s newest version, therapyBOSS 8, for contract therapy providers and home health agencies. Building upon the success of the therapyBOSS platform, the update includes substantial upgrades that take usability and system response speed to a whole new level across the board, even as the platform’s nationwide volume grows significantly.

In response to the growing demand for seamless coordination between home health therapy staffing providers and the agencies they contract with, therapyBOSS 8 allows both parties to enjoy a visually near-identical interface. Inspired by client feedback, the mirrored interfaces will facilitate smoother communication between the two parties, thus enhancing the level of service provided and improving efficiency.

Additionally, increased agency access to referral management and referral tracking combined with improvements to referral entry will help tremendously in the effort to effectively direct patient care in a timely manner.

Looking ahead, Pragma-IT also released cutting-edge enhancements to the software’s architecture which have laid the groundwork for an upcoming update that will include fully responsive design, which will guarantee optimal viewing and better usability regardless of device like no other home health therapy software.

As the demand for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems swells, home health professionals are finding themselves overwhelmed by needing to learn and re-learn multiple software programs simultaneously. Pragma-IT aims to simplify this increasingly diverse contract home health therapy software landscape by providing an agency portal so intuitive to use that it can be utilized on the spot without much if any experience, even as substantive upgrades and improvements are released.

With therapyBOSS 8’s unmatched usability and industry-celebrated communication capabilities, home health professionals are collaborating in coordinating best patient care practices like never before.

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