First Early Intervention Software for Illinois

February 9, 2015

Pragma-IT, the Chicago-based software firm behind the leading home health therapy staffing software therapyBOSS, officially released Illinois’s first complete solution for early intervention providers. therapyBOSS for Early Intervention (EI) helps providers serving babies and toddlers ages 0-3 with developmental disabilities or delays become drastically more efficient saving them time and money.

therapyBOSS is the only solution designed from the ground up to be 100% compliant with all federal and Illinois early intervention regulations. With therapyBOSS’s celebrated ease of use, early intervention clinicians can spend less time documenting and earn more time delivering first-class patient care, without the worry of being found out of compliance.

Complete with the one-of-a-kind therapyBOSS mobile clinician app, therapyBOSS for Early Intervention allows physical therapists [PT], occupational therapists [OT], speech language pathologists [SLP], nurses [RN], and medical social workers [MSW] to document their treatment from any smartphone, tablet, or computer even when there’s no available WiFi/Internet connection. Clinicians save their work as needed in the field, information is securely encrypted for compliance, and when they are able to connect to WiFi, they simply synchronize their device to submit and receive all the necessary, up-to-date information.

With the therapyBOSS mobile app, clinicians can deliver their services more efficiently and effectively. It enables management of patients, scheduling, electronic documentation, compliance, communication across the care team, and much more. Best of all, provider payroll liability is decreased by clinicians charting while with the patient instead of spending extra time after work.

therapyBOSS enables EI providers to streamline all operational aspects including compliance monitoring, billing, payroll, and HR. By increasing operational efficiency, EI providers can keep overhead to a minimum while growing their business.

Building on its flexible underlying technical architecture, therapyBOSS is now the only software available that allows therapy companies who offer early intervention and home health therapy staffing to use one, simple software to manage both lines of work seamlessly. Pragma-IT sees this expansion of service as the first step in a larger vision of enabling multi-specialty therapy companies to integrate all their operations in one place, improving financial and clinical outcomes in the process.

In the effort to serve early intervention providers across the United States, and in recognition of early intervention’s increasingly diverse state-by-state regulations, Pragma-IT is now seeking partnerships with leading early intervention providers who are interested in piloting therapyBOSS for their state.

If you’d like more information on this breakthrough software for early intervention, or to indicate interest in piloting therapyBOSS for your state, please call us at 847.581.6400 or e-mail to